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Mole national park
Mole national park

Historical and cultural diversity

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 Enhancing tourism activities while conserving the environment in Ghana. If you are looking forward to visiting Ghana for business, vacation,pleasure or any other tourism related activities look no further Zenon tour welcome you to center of the world.


  1. Education and Awareness Creation
  2. Environmental Conservation 
  3. Attitudinal Change Towards the environment


Using Tourism as a medium to Education and create Awareness towards the Anthropogenic activities degrading the Environment And Suggest Sustainable Ways of Development.


Nature conservation

Let's dig the past together and reconnect to our root to rediscover out true identity

This is a brief introduction of some of the castles and fortresses and other major tourist attractions in the country. Comments and questions are welcome also I stand to be corrected.

Facilitating the art of tourism in Ghana

Ghana's tourist destinations 

Tourism in Ghana is all you seek...? let's explore nature the dungeons of the 32 castles and fortresses how the people of Paga have bond with wild animal crocodile. The canopy Walk which is 40 meters high, great waterfalls and the unique culture of the people.

Zenon tour is here to enhance movement in and out of the entire region of Ghana to experience the balance between the Colonial time and modern day Ghana. Zenon has put together a team of qualified and experience personels from different backgrounds (Environmental development, Human resource and Tourism) to deliver the best service to our customers.