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Ghana Wild and Out private day tour operator company that offering private tours in Ghana. We boast ourselves on our experience and knowledge of the country and our ability to give you the wild and unforgettable experience in Ghana. We offer City tours, Educational tour, group tour, private tour, Sightseeing, research tour and family tours. Zenon Tour Ghana invite to the center of the world.

Join The Easter Escape Tour 

A Trip to Central Region Of Ghana
A Trip to Central Region Of Ghana

Easter Excursion

Zenon Tour is inviting you to escape Boredom, Loneliness and Single life and join the Tourism revolution (the future). This Easter be part of the social tour, trip or excursion to Central Region of Ghana. The time has come for us to embrace the history, Culture, tradition and Nature. It is time to understand our past to know the future so let's take a break for a day to explore the hidden history of our ancestors and Our country Ghana

Be part of the future; This is Socialization tour come, meet new people and make friends this Easter with Zenon Tour.  


Zenon Tour has packages this Easter for all tourist and Excursionist. there will be free food and drink for all. Additional Surprise await you.


Single; ghs 180

Couple; ghs 350


Central Region; the ancestral rive, Cape Coast Castle, And kakum national park


20% off the entire rate for the first 20 people.

Zenon Tour: 'Experience Ghana and beyond'


Booking and reservation ends 10th April 2022.

It will be Fun and enlightenment

Zenon Tour Ghana

Mole national park
Mole national park

Historical and cultural diversity

Zenon Tour

 Enhancing tourism activities while conserving the environment in Ghana. If you are looking forward to visiting Ghana for business, vacation,pleasure or any other tourism related activities look no further Zenon tour welcome you to center of the world.


  1. Education and Awareness Creation
  2. Environmental Conservation 
  3. Attitudinal Change Towards the environment


Using Tourism as a medium to Education and create Awareness towards the Anthropogenic activities degrading the Environment And Suggest Sustainable Ways of Development.